About Najaf Nanji

Najaf Nanji (Jaff-nanji) , Graduate State University Melbourne is a Successful marketer enterpreneur , a frequent traveler who brings knowledge and experience of 3 continents with him blogs about human rights, terrorism disguised as Islamist in the region , Bleeds Green a patriot #Pakistani , Tweets as @najafnanji

Apart from holding a senior position that offers that adrenaline rush he always have seen thriving to feel, Jeff started startups like Nanji ventures which works an umbrella for companies like Siraj Brothers – NIX marketing, NJ Real Estate in Pakistan and Aba Saleh Day Care in Tehran

Jaff owns a blog like Mehfil e Hazrat Abbas which highlights his love for the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and their household, By creating this blog he aims to share teachings and conduct of Ahlul Bait (AS) and what he learnt and read over the course of his life. At this blog he showcases perception of Shia’s in the world, The blog has been running successfully since 2011 and averages 500 daily visitors from around the world.

He started a Facebook page for his cousin Shaheed Hammad Hassan Nanji who was martyred while fasting on 13th Rajab in verge of target killing in Karachi Pakistan in 2010, It also aims to keep the voice of martyr and his message alive of upbringing Shia Islam.

He has been seen reminding himself and his colleagues that “Sky is the limit but success has none”