Peshawar Attack , 16/12/2014

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“The sun shined just like other day in Peshawar with mothers waking their children up for school, making sure they eat and reach on time to start a new day of learning , with nobody had the slightest idea that this would be their last breakfast in mothers shed .

It all started when 9 members of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan chose a cowardly target to enforce their evil on Pakistani soil , they attacked around 10’o clock local time when 9 terrorist entered school premises of Army Public School & College Systems in Peshawar through the cemetery adjacent to the school moved straight toward the auditorium located at the center of the complex and opened fire indiscriminately on the children who were gathered there for a school function.

According to the Director General of the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the public relations department of the Pakistani military, Major-General Asim Bajwa, the terrorists did not intend to take any hostages but instead wanted to kill as many pupils as they could. As the terrorists opened fire, many of the pupils ran toward the two exits on the other side of the auditorium, but many of them were gunned down in the garden.

The Principal Tahira Qazi realized the situation developing and refused to run and tried her utmost best to counter terrorist without caring for her own life . But the terrorist who came with an ambition of maximal damage didn’t really care , reports says she was burned alive in front of her students she may have lost her life but she is not dead she refused oppression and embraced martyrdom for good of Pakistan .

A rescue operation was launched by the Pakistan Army’s Special Services Group (SSG) special forces, Within 15 minutes, the SSG teams had stormed the school and entered in the premises from two sides in their heavy armored vehicles and trucks.

Immediately, the SSG personnel engaged with the terrorists that prevented them going after and killing other remaining teaching staff and students. The gunmen moved to the administration block of the school and took hostages there. One of them was shot by the military personnel near the auditorium, while the other six managed to make it to the administration block

Meanwhile, the SSG commandos had reached the area and surrounded the administration block. Most of the operation took place in the attempt to clear this block and rescue the hostages taken by the gunmen. Special teams of snipers and their spotters pin-pointed the terrorists; three out of six attackers were killed by the snipers from the windows and air vents, while the other three were killed when the commandos stormed the building and rescued the remaining hostages in the process. Seven commandos, including two officers, were injured in the battle. A search and clearance operation was started immediately to defuse any IEDs planted by the gunmen within the school premises or in the suicide vests that the terrorists were wearing

An estimated total of 1,099 pupils and teaching staff were present on the school premises, of whom responding forces were successful in rescuing approximately 960, though 121 were injured. A total of 150 people, including 134 children, ten school staff members, and three soldiers were killed in the terrorist attack. Report says most of the children were shot in the head.

Many international media organisations referred to the attack as Pakistan’s “9/11“. The popular opinion was one of anger against the TTP soon after the attacks. Pakistan’s Government and its Armed Forces showed immediate reaction to the incident.

According to the Iranian-American scholar, Vali Nasr, “The Taliban may be trying to slacken the resolve of the military by suggesting that there could be a tremendous human costs to the military offensive and create public pressure on the military to back off from this offensive, but it may actually ricochet on them

This tragedy struck the whole nation in the nose and indeed drew a line for Pakistanis to get up and fight until the last terrorist on Pakistani soil , a massacre which was mourned by whole nation really was so distressing that every house was struck with grief , everybody talking about it from the news channels to social gathering just everybody was wanting to do something about it

Nation demanded execution of terrorists on social platforms like twitter , pakistan has long defaulted the death penalty because of international pressure but after the Peshawar incident the whole nation just wanted and demanded execution

Second day after attack, moratorium on the capital punishment was lifted in terror-related cases by Nawaz Sharif[44][45] after which Mohammed Aqeel along with Arshad Mehmood, the convicted for a failed assassination attempt on previous President, General Pervez Musharraf was executed, on the 19th of December

“It was fair to say the smallest coffin was the heaviest ” No matter what nation you belong to or which temple or church you go to this act of terrorism was heinous un humane and condemn able on every platform , it was indeed one of the darkest days Pakistan has seen because of terrorism .

A tribute to the martyrs of APS Peshawar by Karachi based independent rapper/lyricist Talha Anjum..



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