It got my attention after i heard Gunfire broke out Wednesday in an attack at the offices of French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, leaving 12 dead, including four prominent cartoonists.

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Known for its caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad,(PBUH) as well as critical depictions of Catholics, Jews and French politicians, the magazine regularly stirred controversy.

Is this standard clash of civilizations narrative, us vs them, Christianity rational vs Islam barbarism. don’t let facts get in way . A lot of American editors might not have published some of the things they did said editors of leading magazines and newspapers

Its like they ran out of topics but then the timing of pulling this cheap stunt was vital too, Muslim all over the world celebrates birth Anniversary of Muhammad (PBUH) on 12th of Rabiulawal which was like a couple days ago . it aimed to hurt Muslims and their faith universally . It’s not the job of a cartoonist to be offending people.

There was a woman 1400 years ago in the era of Muhammad In Mecca who use to throw dirt at Muhammad (PBUH) on his way home , one day when Muhammad (PBUH) was on the same route he realized nobody threw dirt at him today?

He became worried and learnt that she is sick . So Muhammad (PBUH) went to her place , not to throw dirt or kill her because of blasphemy of Prophet , instead he sat with her kindly and asked about her health which inspired the lady so much that if the prophet of a god is merciful than god itself will be merciful.

Thats the storngest answer of mine to who were involved in killing of french cartoonist . Although this was a heinous act by french cartoonist and its condemn-able but their are bigger threats to Islam today then cartoonist.  its my opinion as a Muslim

“Giving into hatred and sowing divisions only guarantees a spiral of violence what terrorist seek we must not fall into its trap ” Said United nations secretary general in his recent speech.

Some people who don’t want peace in this world will use to spread hatred among religions. , We must stop these acts and causes of it , a humans first religion should be humanity and humanity doesn’t allow you to take a human life

I also saw a tweet by Abraham Gutman , it says ” To all my Muslim friends: you don’t need to apologize for the attack in Paris.  A criminal committed a crime, not Islam.

Muslims r unanimously outraged at terror killings, Neither Islam nor multiculturalism to blame for bloody attack on french cartoonists , they are terrorist and should be stopped fight and res-sited ! Not leaving those who play with beliefs of Muslims .

To stop acts likes these from happening we should start from tolerance .


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