A Letter To My Hijabi Sister In The West

Dear hijabi sister,

I know it pains you…

I see the way they look at you, the evil stares they give, the judgmental look on their faces.

I hear the things they whisper about you and the things they say out loudly so you can hear it.

I hear the way they speak to you and the looks they give each other while doing so, the smirks on their faces.

And all though we are both Muslims the burden of being one falls mostly on you, for I can take off my hijab at will, while you carry yours on you mine is not as obvious.

They don’t know what I am but when they see you, they see a Muslim.

And even though men from afar do disgusting things in the name of our religion, which the media so often and focused reports, it is you who live here who have to take the burden of their actions.

I know it pains you…

But while people judge you as a Muslim when they see you, so do they judge you and your religion when you act polite and kind like you always do.

You don’t lower yourself to their standard, you make them understand that you are beyond it.

And although some might say that people don’t give you employment because you wear a hijab, you know that it is not people who give you employment but that it is Allah(SWT) that gives and it is He that takes.

And even though you in modesty and grace walk with your gaze down, your back is ever so straight.

And you do not need the looks of men, nor their compliments or attention, because you already know you are beautiful and their words do not affect you.

And when I see you and the way you act, I think to myself: I want to be strong like her.

You inspire me and if I could I would kiss your hands to make the pain less or take some of your burden on me.

And while most would not be able to handle your burden and would bend beneath it, you carry yours like the lion carries his mane, with pride.

And even though you may walk these streets alone, you know you are never truly alone because Allah(SWT) is always with you.

Just remember dear hijabi sister, I am with you as well.

Fi amanillah,

Your brother


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