Haider Mustafa – Youngest Survivor

Haider Mustafa

Haider Mustafa

Via : http://mayoush961.tumblr.com/

On November 12 2015, Lebanon was hit with it’s worst terror attack this year, the double suicide bombings in Beirut claimed 43 people’s lives and wounded 239.

Haidar Mustafa, one of the youngest victims escaped death twice while very sadly and unfortunately loosing both his parents. At the time of the bombing, his family was going to buy bread, 3 year old Haidar was in the parked car with his parents, sitting in his mother’s lap. The first bomb went off beside their car, on the passenger side which prompted Leila to cover her son with her body. Haidar recalls seeing his mother burning, and his father burning and bleeding from the head. A passerby saw Haidar’s arms moving from the Jeep, grabbed him from his mothers lap, and as the man began to run towards the hospital, the second bomb detonated and the man received shrapnel in his back while still hugging Haidar. Haidar is in stable condition in the hospital but he needs our help.

I have sent up a Gofundme campaign to gather funds for this orphaned boy, he may of lost his parents but he hasn’t lost the world’s humanity.

This campaign will help Haidar’s family pay for medical expenses and will serve as a future fund for his education and other life expenses. It’s also an initiative to assist many other victims of the terrorist bombings.

My name is Maya Cheatani, I live in Ontario, Canada and since this method of fundraising and website is not available in Lebanon I have decided to take care of it myself and forward 100% of the donations to Haidar’s close family. I am in direct contact with his family present with him at the hospital in Beirut. (For any additional information contact Haidar’s uncle, Ali Taleb, +961 3 387 920)

Nothing will replace the presence of the orphan’s young parents but our humanity can help make his life a little easier. Contributions are all welcomed, big or small, we thank you for the helping hand.

Link : https://www.gofundme.com/HaidarOrphan


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