Syria – War Isnt the Solution

Today felt surreal. It didn’t feel right to be walking around so freely, for everything to look the same when I know of the monstrosities we have unleashed on Syria. Say it louder for the people at the back

When will people realize that fire can’t put out fire. Violence cannot be stopped with more fucking violence . We will never have #worldpeace as long as #nations use war as a solution !!!

If we keep demanding an eye for an eye, soon the whole world is going to be blind

So let me tell you about “War” Since the west recently Voted “War” means hearing airstrikes in your area having all electricity cut out, not being able to contact your family to learn if they’re safe

To watch innocent Syrian civilians have to suffer the brunt of actions they did not commit in Paris. I hope my words help those who feel comfortable to demand for airstrikes in Syria, even though they lived thousands of kilometers away, to rethink their painful violent arrogance. These are people. People who are going to be killed.

“Trying to kill terrorist while killing innocent civilians makes you a terrorist. You cannot make the loss of innocent lives just collateral damage.”

you know what the real kicker is? that the British government have turned Syrian refugees away telling them that we don’t have the money and resources to help them but we apparently have the money and resources to bomb their country

There’s only one rule of conflict do what your enemy least wants you to do and here we are stumbling towards what they most wants us to do said Stephen fry

I am simply disgusted that Britain think that weaponry and bombs will solve everything. They don’t even know the true location of ISIS.

Someone find me a time in world history where having a small group of rich, deeply out of touch Europeans decide on what happens in other people’s lands ever worked out.

Honestly Waking up to the news that the RAF are starting airstrikes in Syria today, despite days of protest against it both shocked and angered me, and I’m mourning for the inevitable loss of innocent lives to come in the coming months, and probably years. tumblr_nyt9voq8NM1som3t5o1_500

Not only am I mourning for them, but I’m also mourning for our current political system. Mourning for the so-called democracy we have here in the U.K- The same democracy that gave 620 MPs the right to decide on the fate of millions, despite the overwhelming opposition of the decision throughout the country. I do not know a single person who backs bombing Syria. Not one.

I’m absolutely perplexed at how our ‘leaders’ have yet to learn from their mistakes of their predecessors. It seems to happen over and over again. We marched in millions against the Iraq war and still they went ahead, murdering millions of innocent civilians, and it’s happening again. Those who do not learn from History are doomed to repeat it, and it seems that the only ones who learned are the ones who arent in Parliament; those of us who dont get to make the decisions.

The main point of this post was to reaffirm the fact that this war, this conflict, the coming bloodshed, is not in our names at all, but rather in the names of the 397 members of parliament that voted for it. Today’s a sad day in the U.K, and even sadder in Syria, I hope with all my heart that these airstrikes end as quickly as they started.tumblr_nyshbvWsdo1t2zruko1_500

You can bomb the world to pieces, but you cannot bomb the world to peace.

In my view All it’s going to do is kill hundreds if not thousands of innocent civilians and make the anger and alienation throughout the world worse. I’m shocked that anyone could think that this is a good idea. I get that the government are desperate to be seen to be doing something about terrorism but becoming terrorists themselves is not the way.



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